Katie Marie McEntyre

April 26, 2023By KdrjTSv1zt

Katie Marie is a Tuscaloosa native with a passion for the people and businesses of Alabama. A recent graduate of The George Washington University Law School in Washington D.C., Katie Marie graduated with a specialization in Energy and Environmental Law. While in D.C. Katie Marie worked for the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers, assisting with cases at the United States Supreme Court and Federal Court of Appeals level addressing Fuel & Vehicle Mandates, Clean Air Act and Climate Litigation, Transportation & Infrastructure, and Regulatory Reform at the state and federal level, and was consistently involved with an array of federal agencies, including the EPA, SEC, DOE, and NHTSA. Katie Marie has spent time on Capitol Hill, working for Senator Richard Shelby, and is versed on every stage of the lawmaking process, from the Hill to the impacts it has on the everyday lives of the people. With experience in both large, national law firms, and small to medium sized firms, Katie Marie’s diverse experience in the legal field allows her to provide a unique experience to those in need of legal assistance. Katie Marie handles not only energy and environmental matters, but is well versed in construction law, employment and workers’ compensation law, general civil and business litigation, and other general legal matters.