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The Webster Henry Wildcats are the 5th-6th grade Montgomery City Champs! The Wildcats defeated the Joe Hudson Collision Center Tornadoes 14-6 in the championship game.

Personal Auto Defense

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Kim DeShazo, Scott Speagle, and Jeremy Richter obtained a defense verdict for their client in the Circuit Court of Shelby County in a case involving an underinsured motorist claim against an insurance company. The plaintiff had asked the jury to award $2,000,000.00 in damages, but the jury determined that the plaintiff had not been injured … Read More

Real Estate Litigation

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The Alabama Supreme Court affirmed the trial court’s granting of summary judgment to Tamera Erskine’s client in a real estate contract dispute involving a $20 million development project. The developer-plaintiff asserted claims of fraud, suppression, misrepresentation, and legal malpractice against Tamera’s client, the landowner.

Firm News

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On March 23, 2018. , , Bart Smith, and Steven Foster ("Team Webster Henry") spent the morning at Lower Wetumpka Shotgun Club, participating in a skeet tournament to benefit Child Evangelism Fellowship of Central Alabama.

Personal Auto Defense

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On January 12, 2018, Scott Sasser obtained a defense verdict in his client’s favor in Lee County, Alabama. The case arose from a low-speed car accident in which causation and damages were at issue. A Lee County jury found that the Plaintiff was not injured as a result of the car accident and the Plaintiff’s … Read More

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On November 16, 2017, Jack Rogers was elected President of the Montgomery Claims Association for 2018. Jack is the second lawyer from our firm to hold this title, with Mike Cohan having served as MCA’s President ten years earlier.

Property Damage Defense

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Scott Sasser has received a defense verdict in a property damage case in Lowndes County. The plaintiff alleged that a tree from the defendant’s property fell on the plaintiff’s recreational vehicle and caused extensive damage. Scott successfully defended the claim and established that the defendant did not have notice of the defective condition.

Workers’ Compensation Defense

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Tamera Erskine recently obtained judgment as a matter of law in favor of her client, the employer, in a workers’ compensation trial. The plaintiff, a truck driver, asserted that he broke his toe at work by kicking a tire to check air pressure. He failed to properly report the incident and did not seek medical … Read More

Firm News

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Webster Henry is happy to announce that Jack Rogers has joined the firm in our Montgomery office. Jack’s practice includes personal auto and workers’ compensation defense.