Webster, Henry, Bradwell, Cohan, Speagle & DeShazo has experience in successfully defending developers, general contractors, subcontractors, and other professionals in alleged construction defect cases. Residential construction cases have ranged from single homeowners to entire subdivisions. We have successfully represented every subcontractor trade in the industry including architects, designers, engineers, site preparation, foundations, framing, building envelope, masonry, windows, HVAC, siding, electrical, plumbing, roofing, painting, flooring and finishing. Commercial construction cases that the firm has successfully defended include multi-unit housing, condominium complexes, large homes, multi-purpose commercial structures, hotels and roadway projects. The firm also has extensive experience in defending construction-related accidents and resulting personal injuries. The defense of these types of cases involves not only causation and damages, but also the often complex contractual relationships between contractors and the pursuit of indemnity claims against others.

Our firm has also successfully represented insurance carriers concerning the numerous coverage issues that inevitably arise in construction related disputes. Protection of the carrier’s interest is accomplished by early action and aggressive pursuit of coverage resolution through analysis, intervention, and declaratory judgment actions.

With offices throughout the State of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida, the firm’s lawyers have experience with construction litigation in a broad geographical area. The firm’s goal is to place its clients in a winning position through research, investigation, and thorough review of the facts and law relating to each unique case. The firm’s litigation philosophy emphasizes early identification of issues and a commitment to protecting and advocating for its client’s interests.

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